The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The virtues of progress

When stepping into a change process, it easily comes along with a desire for recognition.

No change process happens without effort, tension, and resistance. It is the nature of change that it takes something away that has been there and replaces it with something new.

The situation people are in and the way they are, are both results of previous progress. And it had value otherwise it wouldn’t have happened. It is the result of whatever the person decided to drive change with.

That the situation might not be desirable is a different dimension. It is the result of change happening combined with driving change. A proportion of the change happening also results from one’s environment and how it reacts to someone driving change.

Having to deal with this variety of challenges to change is uncomfortable for everyone. The person changing as well as those in their environment. It requires discipline from everyone. And it requires acceptance of the change happening.

It is a moment where people seek recognition. The way they do so tells what the change process is for.

Is it a change process to bring a desired change or is it a change process to be acknowledged?

Every change process is a learning process. It transforms one’s experience and in doing so it generates questions. For some, the questions will be related to their sense of belonging and status in the group. For others, the questions will be linked to a desire to assess the transformation and its effects.

Whenever such change is linked to a new experience, it is challenging to evaluate if and how progress is happening without a sound exchange with others. Stepping into this exchange then is what can help one’s environment to accept change and encourage progress as it happens.


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