The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Assuming good intent

A few days ago, someone shared a quote with me.

It was a kind gesture.

But one that required a few questions.

The sender shared the quote without adding any comment to it. While quotes can be inspiring, they are also pulled out of their context. Without context, the quote lost most of its meaning, transferring the task to give meaning to it, to those sharing it.

When such information is then shared without context, there is even less allowing the reader to know what the sender intended.

It’s leaving all the space for the reader to decide how to take the input.

For a kind gesture to be kind, it needs no more than assuming good intent.

For advice to be received, it needs to become intelligible information.

For advice to be applied, it needs to be implementable for the person receiving it.

Questions show the willingness to move from a kind gesture to reflecting on advice.





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