The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The sense of safety

Humans have a deep need for safety.

With most immanent dangers for life having disappeared, the need for safety transformed itself. It has become a quest for certainty. Where it once was clear, that safety was not achievable, where mortality was much more present, efforts were concentrated on reducing the main risks.

That task has become easier nowadays. That is when it refers to reducing the immanent risks for our life.

And much more difficult, to enhance the safety that is already there.

The quest for safety evolved into one for control and certainty. As if making things predictable is how to feel safe.

That is when enhancing safety by reducing more risks becomes a never-ending story. In a complex world, there are always more risks to be found.

That is where the sense of safety people actually need is the one that allows them to overcome the anxiety to get started.

It’s not to be confused with feeling safe. And even less with feeling comfortable.

The need for safety is there to keep us moving. Not to make us cozy.


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