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The whole & its parts

Staying right

It’s quite easy to be right. There are enough occasions for it to happen.

But once someone is right, there is a good probability that they want to stay right. The usual path is to become attached to what has been found to be right.

Until one has been right, information was collected to find a proper answer or what could be right. Now energy needs to be spent to confirm existing information as well as to reevaluate it.

The more one is attached to being right, the less energy will be invested in reevaluating things and the more in confirming the found answer.

That’s when things become risky. Whenever new information comes in, it may start to come in at the service of what has been right and focused on confirming it.

We know that this is for example how bias work. And we know that to a certain extent they are helpful and necessary to everyday functioning.

However, to stay right, there is a need to overcome the bias or the attachment to being right. That’s when curiosity, a beginner’s mind, stepping back, doubts, and other means of reflecting on what is right come in.

Not constantly, but regularly.


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