The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The repetition learning curve

An important part of the execution is the preparation. It’s gathering the information available; it’s using it to prepare the execution itself and adapt it to the situation.

Typically, in golf, it is figuring out where the next shot shall go, where the ball lies, what club to use, and setting up one’s stance accordingly.

As time is limited, there is only so much information that can be processed.

It implies that the preparation also meant to use as much of the known information as possible to prepare the shot. Everything else is what isn’t known and can’t be accessed at that moment. One’s preparation served to do one’s best with accessible information and produce the best possible shot.

That it will never happen exactly as believed is part of the known.

As rounds follow one another and as practice evolves preparation changes. There is more information gathered, there is more fine-tuning in the different elements of the stance happening, and there is more awareness of the swing and shot as it happens.

It doesn’t take more time. It’s much more that one learns to use the available information and discovers which one to use and how to connect it to the execution.

It’s the same for any project. The ability to prepare and use available information transforms the execution. But it’s repeated execution that allows for better preparation.




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