The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The price to pay

It is in the nature of things that human beings almost always find themselves subject to some tension.

It’s the desire for things to stay as they are and at the same time to be different.

It can be as simple things as deciding on one or the other dessert and wanting both of them but not the calories. It can be the next travel one chose to do long before one knew how busy one would be before traveling and thus asking oneself if it will be worth it. It can also be the big decisions like starting one’s own business or staying in the job one has while asking oneself how one will evaluate this decision in a few years.

However big or small, extraordinary or habitual, important or seemingly irrelevant, some tension can be there. Its presence is a sign that there is some discomfort in the decision. There is something to give up as well as something to gain.

Said differently, this tension describes the price one has to pay. We can see the polarities of the tension that allows us to determine what price we are asked to pay. And once it is determined, there is a chance that it can be accepted and thus chosen.

However, the ambition to avoid or deny such tension can make things very complicated as one tries to find a solution where one’s choice is free.



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