The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Addressing one

When there is only one person with special needs, an organization will often focus on solving that person’s request. If they engage on that path, they’ll easily try to make that person happy by searching for ways to react to her requests.

The objective in such a case is to make discomfort disappear.

Things change when instead of one person, there is a small group asking the larger group to adapt to special needs. It’s a situation in which a diversity of needs and perceptions appear. For the large group, it is more confusing and less clear to learn how to adapt to the situation.

That’s when the objective can switch to integrating into a group and finding ways to do so. The reflection isn’t about the individual anymore but about the group. This opens up the possibility to transform the objective into something constructive seeking to create comfort in the relationship between the groups.



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