The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Category: Belonging

A heartbreaking moment

Ulrich Wickert, a well-known German anchorman, who is now in his 80s often explained that

Nothing to be achieved

Someone who becomes a tennis player doesn’t know how far it will bring him. Someone

Details in Difference

Rose and Tim were discussing their project. The ideas were going back and forth, and

Being free

Thinking about the power of seeing one another, Sawubona came back to mind. When using

Is true the norm?

The Prof. Feynman Twitter account recently tweeted “The statements of science are not of what

The ability to learn

Every project is different, every situation is different, and no one knows what the consequences

Why this questions

It is easy to step into a project or to say yes. Stepping out of

Defining expectations

Asking people about their expectations leads to a variety of options that range from no

The teams rules

Whenever a team comes together, they define and adjust the rules by which they play.

Seeking meaning

It may be having become obsessed over pay, status, or career that is pushing a

Counterintuitive decisions

When someone finds himself under pressure, and that may be for whatever reason, it reduces