The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The focus on performance

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates both share how focus has been an essential skill for them and the way they came to be who they are known as. It’s the focus they were intentional with.

But focus can also be what people find themselves subject to within a society, organization, or group. Such a focus appears through the rules and norms one’s environment uses to define whatever will perceived as “right.”

One way it is defined is by pointing the things out that seem to be wrong and using that sense of wrong to induce guilt or shame.

The other way is through what seems to be a recipe that leads to success, usually one’s ability to perform. It’s an underlying theme that seems to transform almost every activity one can entertain.

It’s a definition of accepted behavior. However, when behavior becomes a focus in itself, the activity has been disconnected from its objective.




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