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The whole & its parts

Proud of a plan

Sometimes, when people work out a plan, they become attached to it.

They are proud of themselves or of the plan they developed.

That sentiment gives the plan more importance.

It helps them to hold on to the plan.

It becomes how they motivate themselves.

Until they identify themselves with the person who achieves that plan.

That’s when failing to achieve the plan becomes a threat to their identity.

And it’s the day when they’ll start doing whatever they can to prove that their plan was right.

The problem with failing often isn’t failure, it is the fear of seeing oneself as a failure.

As plans unfold, more information appears. Some that was expected, some that wasn’t known. This may include that the plan doesn’t make sense, is not feasible, or that its result will not live up to existing expectations.

Acknowledging such information doesn’t automatically mean giving up or having made the wrong plan.





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