The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

That’s right

Could you live with the idea that most questions have more than one answer?

Would you then still seek to find the right answer? Or could you become more precise and decide that the answer you’ll choose is the one that was the right one for you and in that situation?

For some that’s hard, it implies to take the responsibility for the answer you’ve chosen.

The alternative often sounds nicer, that is to have an external magical power confirming the choice. Validating it and freeing us from the risk of being the one who failed.

We’ve been trained to believe in the right answer. It’s not only how we had to find it in school answering the teacher’s questions with the specific answer he looked for. It’s also how we have been invited to make choices since then. It is finding the right school, choosing the right university degree, making the right career choices, etc.

As if our life could be determined by doing the right thing.

A choice made is a door to possibilities.

Does it make it the right one?

No one can tell. There is no way to try another choice.

Settle with being satisfied to have made that choice.

It’s time to focus on the implementation.


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