The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The stuff that is missing

After a few weeks of sports training via video I’ve been lucky to get back to in presence training.

Some things were similar, some very different.

The ease of the relationship felt like an exponential difference. It might be true and it might simply have been the joy of discovering the little details I had missed. Simple details, like being together in a room, feeling the other person’s presence, being able to use professional equipment, or simply being able to have a conversation without software making sure that the one speaking can dominate the room. A simple method of making the other one almost inaudible.

And the last weeks still have been great. The ability to find ways to make it happen, to be able to have someone making sure I’m training at my best, the sense of being connected, or the sense of reaching out to my larger network have all showed that if there is a will there is a path.

We’ve experimented with the tools at hand and made the best out of it. The question is, what we now will do with this experience.

I’m reminded of a mantra “React, respond, rebuild.

I now have an additional choice at hand. One that is inviting me to be intentional and behave according to my choice. One that teaches me that there is more to be done with the experience we built in the last months. One that invites to build something new.

It starts with learning from what hadn’t been visible before stepping into this giant experiment.


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