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The whole & its parts

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Intent and impact

The ultimate objective of our communication is that its intent and its impact can be

Noticing small differences

Writing emails is something I’ve become accustomed to. But the way I write emails is

Be direct

People easily ask for others to be direct, honest, and maybe even brutally honest with

Putting your audience first

Leaders can learn a lot from exceptional speakers, without needing to become exceptional speakers themselves.

Why this

As we worked together, the team shared a success they had experienced. They had reworked


Peter F. Drucker once described manners as the lubricating oil of an organization. He completed

Hope and optimism

Jenny had heard about the upcoming changes in her organization and found herself satisfied with

blue sky with just a few light clouds

Staying right

It’s quite easy to be right. There are enough occasions for it to happen. But

Competing for attention

When people don’t know you, receiving attention may seem to be a challenge. When people