The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Seeing beyond

It seems easy to see one’s objectives, but people have marvelous ways to hide them from themselves.

Take for example the sense of purpose.

Jen shared how important it had been for her to learn that she could focus on an objective and reach it. For several years she had focused on her objective to create her business. Consequently, she worked diligently to create a situation for herself where she would be comfortable starting her business. She was also attentive to finding herself potential business partners and discussing the project with them. She felt ready and stepped into her new life as a business owner.

On that day she started to ask herself how to organize herself. She started worrying about how her added value could become visible and how she would be able to fast forward her progress.  She reconnected with her desire to have an impact and started to question what the best way would be to achieve it.

Looking back, she felt satisfied at having reached her objective.

But somehow, she had started planning the future again.

The purpose had hidden itself in the process.





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