The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Investing time

One of the remarkable aspects of golf is the distribution of activities.

The better someone is at playing golf, the less time he actually will be playing. However, this difference will not have much effect on how much time he will spend on the course.

Give or take some percent, a player will spend some 10% of the total time on the course preparing a shot, hitting the ball, and sometimes searching for the ball.

The rest, that is 90% of the time, will be there to watch one’s partners play, assist them, and walk from one point to the other.

But the way one spends 90% of the time will have a major influence on the 10%.

Some spend it worrying about their last shot and their next shot. Basically, they are spending their time in the past or the future.

Others spend that time discussing with their partners or engaging with the course to observe its nature, that is the way it has been designed.

Whatever their choice it needs to help them be present to hit the ball and create the best possible shot for the given circumstances. That’s where self-awareness is necessary. To know what it is they need to have a mind fully present to hitting the ball. And to make themselves aware of the state they are in as well as the performance it may help them deliver on that day.


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