The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts


During The Marketing Seminar, one of the question we work on is to find an answer to what it means to be remarkable.

The question has many challenges for participants. It means, for example, to talk about oneself and to accept to describe what it is we do which is very good.

But being remarkable isn’t really about what we are very good at, it is more.

The question of remarkability also invites to share what makes us very visible. That too isn’t exactly what makes us remarkable, as gimmicks aren’t remarkable.

And still, both can lead others to talk about us, which is part of being remarkable.

The relevant aspect of being remarkable is a sustainable one. It is linked to our ability to care for the work we do and help others feel it.

Lionel Poilâne was someone able to do that. He had great clarity of what he wanted to do and stand for as a baker. Imagine a boulangerie (bakery) in Paris without baguette! And yet that was one of his choices.

I was curious this weekend and went to two of his bakeries in Paris. The way I was welcomed, their appreciation as I asked if I could make some pictures, the pride shining through as they described the taste they create … So many details showing how much they live and want to share the things they create for us.

The pastry I tasted was a work of art, stimulating all senses.

Sorry, I ate the one which is gone ….



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