The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

A frustrating word

Some sentences are a story in themselves.

A sentence like “make it great again” tells a very simple story: something which has once been needing to be regained.

It is a bit like “make childhood great again” or like “make education great again” or like “make romance great again”. We have an idea of childhood, education or romance. It is an image from which we often have stripped the details which weren’t as appreciable. Our memory works in a kind way. It helps us to stay connected with the things and details which affected us and it removes the less relevant details.

For those who enjoyed childhood, education or romance, it means that the memories of our past now resemble fantasies. The struggles disappear, the achievement remains.

It’s the moment in which we start to say “in the past things were better”.

But the sentence also contains the word “again”. It’s a frustrating word because it also creates an assumption. What it says is, that what we have now isn’t great anymore, that what was in the past was better than what we have today.

Is it false news?

Not for those who feel that the life they had been promised isn’t happening. Not for those who believe that there is a lack of justice in what they are experiencing.

Can it be measured?

Is it fake news?


It is an idea, a feeling.

None of the great times have been without hardship. The world today has its own hardship and comes with its own greatness. We might not like all of it. But that’s what has always pushed humans to make change happen.


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