The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Being ready

Diplomas and certificates have taught us that there is a moment in time in which we are ready.

It’s the day when we hold the certificate in our hands. We’ve learned to see it as the entrance ticket to a job, to be able to do the work. When submitting an offer, we feel more secure when we are able to add the certificate.

The problem is, having a certificate doesn’t mean that we are ready for our own projects. Projects like writing a book, creating a tool or developing a method rarely start with a feeling of being ready. The feeling of being ready might not even be there when we are finishing that work.

It means that we have to start before we are ready.

Be also ready to ship before being ready.

If it’s difficult to trust the goddess Steven Pressfield mentions, replace it with the idea to trust the process.

You can do it with a mindset of curiosity and a quest for mastery. The quest never ends but it is always with you.


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