The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Dealing with ideas

Ideas come and go. At least that’s what they seem to do.

Some of them appear out of nowhere, they suddenly are there. The shower seems to be the most known place for them to appear. It’s a space where intuition is active. To us, when they appear the ideas seem to be crystal clear.

The moment we seek to explain them, things start to fall apart. The effort to describe them requires us to link our ideas with the logic we know. We search for mental models or patterns with which we can assimilate the ideas to better describe them. Depending on the effort we put into this description some ideas will go away and seem to fail while others will pass that test.

As long as we are able to keep the ideas within our logic the ideas feel safe and we start to like them. We can even become quite attached to them.

That’s when ideas have to past a new test. It’s the reality test.

Resistance likes to step in there. Out of fear that reality might wash the idea away, it helps us create a whole story as to why we shouldn’t use it.

Find a way to test it.

Reality is the ultimate test to give your idea a chance to shine.



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