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The whole & its parts

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Proud of a plan

Sometimes, when people work out a plan, they become attached to it. They are proud

Form and Force

When seeking to change an organization, one needs to start observing where it is now.

Thinking and acting

Frederick W. Taylor worked hard to understand the processes he was seeking to make more

He won

If you are a fan of a sportsman who won, his victory might almost feel

a stranded boat


An important reminder about beginnings is, that it is a beginning. It isn’t the end.

Shaping an organization

When a group establishes itself, it will automatically establish its rules and principles. Its members

Being present and serving

When I was training a train the trainer course the questions that would come up

Waiting for the miracle?

Making a plan is what people do to define the future. The plan tells us

Kindness to self

During a meeting, Tom, one of the participants was sharing how challenging it can be

Being attached

Sometimes people will be attached to a result. They’ll focus on the outcome of the