The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Thinking and acting

Frederick W. Taylor worked hard to understand the processes he was seeking to make more

He won

If you are a fan of a sportsman who won, his victory might almost feel

a stranded boat


An important reminder about beginnings is, that it is a beginning. It isn’t the end.

Shaping an organization

When a group establishes itself, it will automatically establish its rules and principles. Its members

Being present and serving

When I was training a train the trainer course the questions that would come up

Waiting for the miracle?

Making a plan is what people do to define the future. The plan tells us

Kindness to self

During a meeting, Tom, one of the participants was sharing how challenging it can be

Being attached

Sometimes people will be attached to a result. They’ll focus on the outcome of the

The rear viewing mirror

Solutions don’t exist until they are implemented.            

Collecting truths

A simple truth is, that we constantly encounter problems and search for solutions. A simple