The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Progressing in the unknown

The way our hand moves, how it picks something up, how it needs to be moved to hit a ball in a desired direction, how it holds a pen. All of them are moves most of us know we know well. Without much thinking, they achieve what was intended. Where the palm of our hand is located usually remains within our awareness.

Things are very different when it comes to a golf club. The club face is not only far away from the palm, there rarely is a clear sense of where it is and how it is oriented.

It’s even worse, during a swing.

Whenever I try to stay aware of where the clubface is, I find myself in the dark. In fact, I have no clue what to do to stay aware of its location and orientation.

That could be a reason to assume that it isn’t possible or that I can’t do it.

In truth, it is a frequent feeling when I set out to learn something that involves the unknown. I’m simply more aware of it when it involves the senses. And that’s because it feels as if my brain isn’t involved. Well, it is, but it is supposed to let go and be open to the experience. At the same time, it is supposed to remain aware of the experience. It is supposed to execute a movement at the same moment.

Instead of stepping into the unknown, what it’ll prefer to do is to try to steer the movement, or to try to analyze the experience.

Instead of allowing the unknown to be there, it seeks to control what it knows.

None of it works really well. That is, until, one day, it does.

A little bit.

It’s not control, it’s a glimpse of a new experience. One that can be reconnected with. One that can be expanded upon.

There still are many unknowns, there will always be some. But something in it has become known, creating some familiarity, however, no comfort.

That is, until one day it appears.

That’s when a bit of trust appears, an idea that one may be able to make sense of what one is trying to do.

Perseverance isn’t trying the same thing over and over again. It is the willingness to accept that something one seeks to change is how it is. That one has to try once again and stay with the unknown. Until one surprises oneself.

One could assume that this is restricted to becoming aware of a club face and its path.

But it isn’t. It is how a learning journey unfolds over and over again.

Whenever there is curiosity and openness.



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