The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Position determines strategy

Take a soccer team, the position it has at a given moment determines the strategy the team can use for the next move. It’s the same for a golf player. Imagine him somewhere in the rough. He needs to get back onto the course and towards the green. The way he executes this next shot will depend on his current position.

It’s the same for us in everyday situations.

We have many ways to define our position.

Our worldview is a set of beliefs, principles, and values we use to assess the world around us. It tells us where we stand in regards to that. There is also the story we tell ourselves about who we are and how others or life treats us. Not to forget culture with its set of values, rules, and status we see each other in.

From there we define if we see ourselves, for example, as generous, intelligent, caring, flexible or supportive. We can also compare us and see ourselves as more of this, or less of this, than others. And maybe we’ll use our culture to determine a specific authority for ourselves.

It’s seeing ourselves in relationship to the group we live in.

Whatever we’ll aim to achieve, how we’ll achieve our aim will depend on the options visible to us. It’s the position we have stepped into that determines these options.

Making ourselves aware of this how means to become aware of our strategy.

A next step is to realize how this is also a system in which our strategy will determine our next position.



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