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A few years ago I enrolled in the first edition of Seth Godin’s The Marketing Seminar.

The journey since then has been thrilling.

My idea of marketing changed to one of being attuned with my clients and being attentive to having permission to interact with an audience. And from there it changed to an idea of marketing which is about changing the culture.

There is a misconception about communication just as well as about marketing. It is the one that we are the megaphone, that communication or marketing is about telling.

That’s missing some important points. That it hurts to be told when one isn’t interested. That telling others is assuming interaction as being about compliance. That it is up to others to do the work of selecting and investing time.

The idea seems to be, that as shouting to 1, 10, 100 or 1000 makes no difference, there is no need to bother to know the audience.

What I’ve found after attending and participating in several of the Akimbo Workshops is that It does make a profound difference. I’ve seen it as a participant and even more so as a coach in The Marketing Seminar, The Bootstrapper’s Workshop and the now starting The Freelancer’s Workshop.

The best work I could do happened after finding those willing to give me their attention. Those with whom I could establish trust by showing up and seeing them. It allowed learning a different way to teach.

I’ve participated in almost all of the current Akimbo Workshop. They all taught me to look at the underlying system. The starting point always is a specific quest and a way to position oneself.

With The Bootstrapper’s Workshop and The Freelancer’s Workshop starting just now I’m again looking forward to connecting with incredible participants and seeing them connecting and sharing their knowledge in a generous and caring way. I’d love to meet you there.

And if you only have three minutes time, then I hope that you take a look at the Akimbo Workshops homepage and listen to Seth’s description of the spaces we build. It’s spaces where people connect, learn and grow. It’s spaces you can create too.



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