The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Owning style

When I became acquainted with the vast field of personal development, I was assuming that there would be a right way to do things.

But, I had started to learn Transactional Analysis (TA). It is a psychoanalytical theory that analyses social interactions to gain a better understanding of individual behavior. Founded by Eric Berne TA has become a rich school of thought connecting many different teachers and approaches with the work Berne started.

TA is not unique in this; it actually complements the many psychoanalytical approaches easing an understanding of the unconscious and increasing awareness of the contents of subconsciously held ideas. This in turn adds to our understanding of how change develops in the organizational world and other social contexts.

The more teachers I experience, the more I learn from experiencing the way they act. They all bring their own learning to the table. Most of it has been impacted by experiencing the theory vicariously as well as by experiencing it oneself. This means, that some experiences will teach us something, whereas others will not. Some learning will be more accessible than others, not because of our cognitive abilities but because of the experience we are building the learning upon.

Most of the learning will take the time it needs. It can’t be pushed or fastened. It needs the dedication to the present moment, the willingness to experience it as well as the situations allowing for it.

It is in the process.

Our individual style is one of its results.

The less we resist it, the more it can be shaped.

In the end, what the theory and the learning help us understand, is how using our own style makes us better users of our learning when helping others. Using our own style allows us to connect with our natural resources, once we’ve allowed ourselves to recognize what they are.

The more teachers I experience, the more liberating it is to see how they all found their own way to do the work they are doing.

Liberating in the sense of using one’s own resources. It doesn’t free from understanding the theory and work in depth.





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