The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

What do you need?

In an effort to avoid being selfish, people tend to put others first.

In that movement, they often stop to think about themselves. A consequence is, that they leave their wants and needs aside.

They assume that their needs don’t play a role in successfully solving problems.

In reality, the knowledge about the things we need in a given situation is essential to successfully contribute to solving problems.

Among the things you need, you’ll find all the questions you are asking yourself. There will be a variety of questions.

Questions helping you see your own priorities. What you need to do.

Questions helping you to see if you are willing to help. What you need to be able to engage.

Questions helping you to understand the given situation. What you need to know.

Questions helping you see if you can help the others. What abilities you need to be able to help.

Questions helping you see how you can help the others. What the other person needs.


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