The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

On being selfish

People have been taught that being selfish is looked down upon.

To show how well they’ve learned the lesson people decided to avoid any occurrence of being selfish and started to do the opposite.

They had understood that being selfish means to put oneself first.

Thus they decided to put the others first.

What they didn’t see is that life is a journey. It is a sequence of events where each event can require to decide how their behavior may be perceived.

By constantly putting the other first, they start to lose sight of their own needs and lack moments in which they feel supported. Instead of feeling better they start to feel stressed.

The more they feel stressed, the higher the risk to end up being selfish.

By trying to establish a right behavior type of posture through avoiding a posture people end up creating what they seek to avoid.

It’s never all black or all white.


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