The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Leading oneself

It might have felt, that the world is upside down now.

Our individual world most probably is.

But what’s also happening is, that the times in which it was possible to only be a follower are gone.

The industrial revolution invited that type of management focused on execution. It assumed that workers needed to be told how to do things and leadership followed the assumptions of theory X. It was based on the idea, that the typical worker has little ambition, avoids responsibility and is individual-goal oriented. And that’s how leadership was organized.

We have moved on since then.

But not much.

In times of crisis, the speeches of many heads of states go back to that idea.

Individuals see it differently.

What many people realize now is that to find solutions to their situation they can’t call on others to be responsible for them.

They have to revert to their own responsibility and ability to lead themselves.

It’s creating many opportunities to step up and lead.

We are shifting from wanting to do the big thing to seeing what can be achieved now.


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