The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Leadership is improvisation

Dealing with the day-to-day of leadership is an art, one that is based on improvising.

It means developing the habit of finding a reaction to a situation that allows one to keep the desired momentum as well as the desired direction. In the past, it was translated by leaders by always having an answer. Today it is the art of always having an adequate reaction.

This can’t be planned or organized. It has to happen in the moment.

Much of it can be the personal style, that is the way people like to lead others.

However, when they are habits most of these reactions are automated ways to take up the triggers experienced in a given situation. That is when events drive reactions.

Improvising is different.

The art of improvising involves the ability to keep an objective in mind, stick to one’s values, and follow one’s process. Whatever vision one follows, clear values one holds, and strategy plan one established, they remain present independently from the current situation. They are there to guide the reaction in the moment. The reaction thus is adapted to the situation without being defined by it.

Improvising is disconnected from our habit, even if it happens to be a habitual reaction.

It is mindful in that it can see the situation through the lens of the bigger goal.

It is a practice in that it is based on the ability to step back and see the broader picture, without needing to interrupt the process to do so.

It is planned in that it is based on a premeditated process that contributes to guiding one’s reactions.

It is improvised in that it is a spontaneous reaction to the circumstances at hand.




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