The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Leadership is improvisation

Dealing with the day-to-day of leadership is an art, one that is based on improvising.

Winging it

There are many ways to describe how people walk through life and show up. That

Gut understanding

Ben can look back at a successful career having grown his organization to a medium-sized

I deserve it

As true as it might be, receiving what we deserve still depends on others being

Leaning into reciprocity

In a casual conversation, it will often be easy to accept that there has been

The people we like

With many people we’ve been able to observe the simple logic, that the more conversations

Chasing an answer

The desire for certainty triggers makes it seem normal to need to have answers. And

Below the API

In his latest newsletter, Mark Manson mentioned the idea of being “below the API”. Peter

Advantages of being clueless

The most evident advantage of being clueless is that one knows that one doesn’t know.

The smell of the place

Years ago, at the World Economic Forum, Prof. Sumantra Ghoshal presented the idea of the