The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Keeping us in mind

With an unknown dynamic dominating the current events, habits are failing us.

It leads to many people exploring the edge of anxiety and searching for ways to regain comfort. It seems that there is only little in tomorrow that remains known. Within weeks and days, the seemingly impossible has been happening. It’s turning individual lives upside down.

The freedom to allow everyone to work as we seem fit is being questioned. Families have to find ways to deal with children staying home restricting their ability to go to work. Freelancers noticing that the space they have been relying on to work with customers is being closed down. Employees are being asked to stay at home to find ways to work from there or finding themselves without work.

It leads to emphasizing individual responsibility. It means to go back to asking ourselves how we can contribute to our society and help it to remain healthy.

An essential ingredient in there is “us”. We can care for it by nurturing our relationships independently from the physical distances we may need to keep.

It requires to make ourselves aware of the changing need for contact and finding new ways to address it.


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