The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Heart, Head, and Hand

Most of us have hands, head, and heart and will use them together. Sometimes noticing one of them more than the other.

Somebody working on his or her craft will naturally let all three of them act together to allow a product of their craft to emerge. It doesn’t matter if their craft produces a tangible or intangible result. As the piece is being crafted, the mind thinks forward, the heart senses what is emerging and the hands lead the action that transforms the piece.

There is something indivisible in this process.

And yet, nowadays common assumption is that the thinking can be disconnected from the action, while possibly forgetting the heart’s contribution.

The challenge we are facing isn’t to implement the distribution of hands, heads, and hearts into different entities or steps. The work we have to do is to figure out how to immerse the individuals into the existing process as it is being shaped.

The better we succeed the less dysfunctional the organization.

The start is to see how complex the problem is.

And maybe it is time to let go of the idea that it shouldn’t be dysfunctional at all. Given the complex problem, the task is to create an as healthy organization as possible.

That’s good enough.



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