The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Golf is life

It’s true for many of the activities people take up and can be present to. How it shows may differ, but rarely in the fundamentals. The list below can be applied to events in life like mastery, communication, or happiness. But, how it applies to your life may be found in your interpretation of the list.

Golf is a game people tend to want to master.

Golf can’t be mastered.

Practice is an enabler to develop one’s game and become better at it.

Golf players may enjoy the game or find themselves entangled in a narrative.

As well as one may know a golf course, playing will never be the same as in previous games.

One may hit the ball perfectly and yet not know where the ball will land.

The number of variables influencing how a ball is being hit during a swing makes it impossible to control how the ball will be hit.

Executing a swing is best done by moving out of its way.

The created shot is the result of its preparation.

The better the preparation, the better the odds that the ball will reach its destination.

Understanding what happened is the result of having been present to the action.

Most of the time in a game of golf is spent walking or socializing.

Hitting the ball into the hole on the green, when precision is asked, can take more hits than reaching the green.

Thinking of winning or comparing oneself with others is a good way to feel miserable.

A portion of luck always influences the game.

It is possible to enjoy the game knowing almost nothing about it.

There is also one aspect of golf that doesn’t correspond to life. Golf is a game that levels different playing capacities. A player with little experience is given support making it possible for him to win against an experienced player.




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