The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Choose noticing over interpreting

It may seem that our ability to interpret events, situations, or details is the more relevant human ability. However, it is also flawed. Whatever the interpretation is, it also results from the filter of one’s experience and meanings and remains subject to one’s biases. Our interpretations are limited by our cognitive abilities and emotional state. Much of our meaning-making is there to serve our need for predictability and security. However, the resulting sense of knowing often is an illusion.

It also is a way to remain focused on oneself.

Noticing is different. It is making oneself aware of one’s environment, the situation, others, and a multitude of details. Noticing can also be focused on people surrounding oneself, or one’s reactions. Noticing doesn’t require knowing or interpreting. It doesn’t require us to know or to understand what is happening. It allows one to share what one noticed, help others see what they might have missed, and explore its possible meanings together.

It also is a way to develop connection.


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