The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Giving Trust

Trust is a question of choice. But trust is also a question of awareness.

In a team, people develop trust in one another. The way people act with one another leads to a constant reassessment of individual relationships as well as the relationship with the team as such.

It is a process that transforms the trust people give others. Every time it is a new choice. A choice that impacts or decides on the trust that is given.

As this choice often happens unconsciously, there is little awareness of its boundaries.

Which makes it somewhat of a surprise when trust suddenly dissolves. At least for the one who had no awareness of these boundaries, and this can be everyone involved.

The importance of boundaries is that they allow knowing when one steps outside of them. But also, to choose to stay within the limits. In any situation of doubt, the available possibility is to address the boundaries and explore if they are where they are assumed to be.

Knowing boundaries is just as relevant for the one giving trust as to the one receiving trust.

But don’t expect it to be comfortable to explore them.



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