The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Everyday Struggle

Days and moments come with a constant flow of choices to be made.

Most of these choices are habitual.

Going out to meet friends to energize oneself, or to avoid being alone. Assuming someone is lying as their story doesn’t seem to fit the situation or because everything else would be scary. Reacting to a website and wondering how it happens that one still doesn’t understand how it works or by blaming the website for its technology.

These choices are mostly invisible. They just seem to be how one is or how things are.

They still are choices. A constant struggle or discomfort. Less because of the situation than because of the story that determines these choices. A more or less complex story that describes the way people relate to their environment, others, and themselves.

A person’s choices shape the dynamic in teams as well as between leaders and followers.

The story behind these choices is a choice itself.

Sticking to the story is a daily reinforcement of the existing.

Becoming present to the situation broadens the perspective.

However, it can interfere with the story.

But it may be worth the discomfort.

As it can remove the limitations built into the story.


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