The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Enjoying your work

Not too long ago I attended a presentation by Jose-Luis Alvarez on “The Power and Leverage of Network”. It was a great opportunity to see friends and alumni as well as do some “networking”.

One of the things Jose-Luis pointed out was, that networking is boring. He was hinting at the “work” part of networking.

While there is a lot more to say about networking, especially following this presentation, I’ve also been reminded of our posture towards the things we do.

Some people tell us to enjoy our work. Others tell us, that work simply needs to get done.

What’s rarely discussed is what “enjoying our work” actually means. Can it really mean that our work is a stream of pleasure, fun, and ease? Or is it something that leads to satisfaction? Is boring maybe a part of it? Something we do because it contributes to satisfaction?

Discomfort is a part of the work we do, especially if we want to level up.

Once we’ve recognized that discomfort we can see it as a part of the bigger picture. That’s the moment in which enjoying what you do becomes possible again.


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