The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

From controlling to facilitating

A few years ago, the team decided to engage in using scrum. Today we sat down to look at the evolution of the process.

A memorable insight was how different the process felt today than it had felt at the beginning.

In the beginning, the scrum coach often encountered situations during which he felt like losing control of the situation. These usually were situations during which he had tried to achieve a specific result he wanted. Any time he had reacted to something that made the situation feel unstable or uncomfortable it had been in an effort to control the situation and actually trying to control the individuals.

Today he was finding himself not always liking the situation but being able to understand why people behaved like they did and letting it go. At the same, anytime a question came up asking him “why are we doing this”, he found himself sharing his experience and providing an answer to support their learning. He could see that until then people often had trusted him. They simply followed his instructions. Now they had matured and wanted to understand why he was running the process as he did. They searched for ways to be able to support the process by themselves.

The team had moved from wanting to be controlled to wanting to control the process together.


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