The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Contributing or solving

When your car has a flat tire, you have two problems. The first one is to drive on and reach your destination. The second one is to fix the tire.

If you can change the tire on your own, you are the one who has the solution to the problem. You are the one who can solve it.

Fixing the tire, on the other hand, is a problem most of us can’t solve by themselves. In this case, you’ll have to find a way to contribute to solving the problem for example by getting to a place where the tire can be fixed. There you’ll rely on others to help you solve the problem.

The way you approach the problem depends on the situation you are in.

In a global economy like ours, the situation most often is defined by problems no one can solve alone.

Isolating smaller problems with the ambition to solve them leaves the larger scale problem untouched, almost denying their existence.

Addressing smaller problems as a contribution to solving the large scale problem leads to a different result. It not only allows to keep both problems in focus it also allows to see all the other contributions.

It establishes cooperation and allows for a common vision.

It even works without a strong leader.




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