The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

It comes down to being human

In March and April, 1946 Victor Frankl gave some lectures in Vienna. They were published in a book titled “nevertheless saying yes to life”. They came back into print this year and were also published in English under the title “Yes to life”.

In the first lecture related to the meaning and worth of life, he reminds us that Kant stated, that things have worth whereas a human being has dignity.

During this reading, two things stood out for me.

“It all comes down to and depends on the human doing” makes a case for the fact that whatever we might have, whatever we believe, in the end, it is the way the other person acts and is that counts. It is what we remember and what we experience.

“It is not on us to ask for our life’s meaning. It is life that asks us questions.” There Frankl reminds us that life isn’t there to be fun, it is our responsibility. And life is asking from minute to minute what we are doing with it.

What we have is choice.



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