The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Choosing why

It works all the time.

When doing something, you are choosing why you are doing it.

You can do it just because it’s available.

You can do it because you’ve been told to.

You can do it because you want to.

And why you want to do it is yet again a choice.

You might want to do it for the same reason everyone else seems to be doing it.

You might want to do it because you’ve decided to be open to it.

You might want to do it because you’ve seen something in it that is unique to you.

Freedom unfolds once you’ve found the why that is yours. It doesn’t matter if it is the one everyone else chooses or if it is specific to you. What matters is that you’ve seen how it is yours.

It doesn’t need to be complicated or world-changing. But it always involves learning.

You’ll know that you found it when you are eager to engage in the learning that comes with it without becoming attached to the results.

It doesn’t mean that everything comes easily to you, or that there is no frustration. It means that there is gratification in being in the doing and learning from it.


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