The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Achieving breakthrough

“Achieving breakthroughs is one thing, sustaining them is quite another.” – Fred Shoemaker

It seems to be a part of human nature to see a breakthrough anytime we believe we understand something.

It happens under the shower when an idea appears.

It happens when suddenly something that never worked before, worked for the first time.

It happens when an existing sense of effort suddenly disappears.

These moments feel like we’ve understood “it.”

However, any time we come back to that brilliant idea, that thing that worked for the first time, or when we try to describe what we’ve understood, we wonder what the brilliance was, how it worked, or what we understood.

That breakthrough moment opened a door. It made something visible that wasn’t visible before.

That’s when we’ve got to learn to see what has become visible.






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