The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

This is change

You shared your story today. Tomorrow’s story can only be different.

You planned your work. Doing your work was different.

You asked for something. It wasn’t available. You’ll ask elsewhere.

You asked for something. You received it. The next thing you’ll ask for will be something else.

You made an offer. It didn’t work. You start over.

Among golfers there is this remark: “This is golf”. It works when your ball went off into the woods. It works if you hit the green on the first stroke. It works after 5 holes during which you can’t hit the ball straight. It works because every stroke is a new one. It’s clear that whatever happens, the next shot depends on your ability to engage and concentrate. It’s clear that we can hope for the best outcome and should just as much expect the worst.

Knowing this, why assume that life is any different? That we can expect for a different outcome? Being attached to the outcome doesn’t help in making it happen. It only impacts how we deal with the outcome. Take it for granted or despair when it didn’t happen.

This post is written, tomorrow’s will be different. That’s blogging.


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