The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Available choices

Going out for lunch with a few friends you take a look at the menu to decide what you’ll eat on that day. Most of us will read the menu and decide on one of the dishes. Depending on the number of choices some will complain that there are too many and others that there are too little choices. Rare are the ones who’ll look at the menu and then ask the waiter if they can have something special by modifying what’s on the menu or asking for something specific.

To ask for something that’s not on the menu requires an effort and may feel risky and awkward. It’s risky because it means to step into the unknown and may lead to rejection. It’s awkward as it means that one may be seen as picky and eccentric. It requires an effort, as it means to develop an idea that isn’t immediately visible.

The easy solution is to simply go for what’s available.

It’s what happens in most of the situations.

A question seems to only have the answer yes or no.

It’s either the request put forward or nothing.

If the boss is expected to say no, it’s already no.

It’s confusing life with a menu.

Those who have a goal invest in finding their path to that goal.


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