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The whole & its parts

Belonging and contributing

People are selfish. Not always, but actually yes, always and that’s ok.

When in need, the first thing someone sees is what they need.

In these situations, it takes energy and generosity to see what the other one needs.

And if you think long enough about it, then you’ll realize, that even in these situations it’s also about their own needs.

Sometimes we need something and it can only be resolved by someone else giving us something.

Just as frequently, a need can be linked with our sense of reciprocity. The wish to give others, either by paying forward or by responding to a generosity. This wish doesn’t even need to be directed towards the specific individual, it’s linked to the wish to belong.

Belonging to a community is based on contributing, how we contribute is our choice.

And yes, belonging is a need too.

It might not be considered selfish to give in order to be able to belong, but it’s still about you.

It pays to remember.



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