The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Being yourself

One of the curious aspects of being human is how difficult it can be to accept seeing oneself as one is.

It implies giving up one’s resistance to seeing oneself as one is. A resistance that is often reinforced by the desire to become what may feel like the best version of oneself.

To change, we believe, it is important to focus on what it is that we envision. It becomes a process in which it feels better not to be confronted with a version of oneself one doesn’t like as it isn’t the best version of oneself.

The desire to reach that objective is assumed to be what will enable the change.

What is hard to see instead, is how change can only happen based on knowing the gap. A gap that is represented by the current situation and the desired future state. The clearer one is about both, the easier it becomes to engage in a process that enables a chosen change.

The good news but sometimes also the bad news is that change also happens by itself.

When change happens by itself it is very much influenced by one’s experience and one’s perception of that experience. It creates a simple dynamic, whatever was determined to be good finds itself reinforced and whatever was perceived as bad will continue to be avoided. It’s being yourself.

Becoming who one wants to be will depend on noticing this dynamic and becoming aware of who yourself is in the present moment.

It’s when choice emerges.




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