The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Building stable confidence

The desire to build confidence often relates to an outcome of how people want to feel. And what people fear most when they see themselves as lacking confidence, is the experience of fear they connect with the lack of confidence.

Building confidence becomes the desire to get rid of that fear.

It translates into the desire to multiply those experiences in which that fear felt inexistent.

But the moments in which their fear didn’t exist most often are past results they have been happy with, moments feeling the support others provided, or projecting such support on tools or their appearance.

Building confidence on such moments is believing that what was possible in the past can be reproduced in the future. It focuses on the moment of feeling fearless and forgets how elusive that moment was. It assumes that the moment of feeling fearless is one, one can hold on to. It is the desire to become able to resist fear.

What if the existence of that fear was the only certain thing?

What would change if one accepted that whatever happens in the future has an uncertain outcome?









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