The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Being Empowered

It’s easy to assume that to be empowered is coming from the outside. That is, others have to reach out to the person who needs to be empowered.

Leaders don’t always have the luxury to have others reach out to them and empower them.

What leaders can do, however, is find ways to empower themselves by reaching out to their team.

When a leader wants to build a vision or when he shares his vision he is searching for ways to make change happen. Usually, he will know, that he can’t do this by overcoming the team’s resistance. But what he can do, is to learn where the team may be or become resistant. He can also learn what it is they may be resisting. Building on this learning process he can find a path that integrates his learning and the possibilities that his team sees or those leading the change see.

By learning where his team is willing to support him and how the leader ends up empowered.

It doesn’t mean that he won’t find any resistance on his way. That’s not the point. He learned if there is enough support to move forward.


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