The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

A perception of psychology

When people talk about psychology in economics, finance, and pretty much any area related to performance, they will link psychology with what they call flawed attitudes or irrational patterns.

However, what this describes is the assumption that there is a type of attitude that could be considered flawless and that it would use rational patterns.

Whatever these rational patterns may be.

And whoever it is that can define them as rational.

I think that such a view on psychology underestimates human nature and how individual psychology is a feature to assist and protect the human being. It must be said that this might, however, only be temporarily effective, which is why human beings are also gifted with the ability to learn.

Calling human psychology flawed or using irrational patterns, seems to be based on the desire for a human nature that doesn’t need creativity or spontaneity, as well as on the desire for a predictable world.





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