The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

In a world full of information

When I look around, there is information everywhere. We share information as we seek to create transparency. We provide instructions to help others use a tool we have given them. We add a section with FAQ’s to make sure readers find the information most commonly asked for. We welcome participants with a note to help them find their way around.

It looks like a job well done. We have shared all the information necessary.

And yet

The same questions appear again. We are asked for more transparency. We get a call asking how to use the tool we’ve provided.

It’s not that information was lacking or that there wasn’t enough transparency.

There is too much information around. It’s difficult to find the information we need. We find it hard to decide how much of the information received is relevant. It’s either too detailed or too vague.

The only solution remaining seems to be to ask for the information at the moment we need it.

We might end up only knowing little bits of information unable to see the bigger picture.

We need to learn a way to structure the information reaching us.


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