The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Doing the work you love myths

It’s possible to love the work we do.

It doesn’t mean that it is easy.

Finding work we love starts with nothing but uncertainty as people struggle to find it or decide if it is “the one”.

One reason for such a struggle is the number of options available. Deciding for one of also means fearing to make the wrong choice.

Making a decision is a bet on the future. It is a bet that the experience we have not yet made will be the one we are looking for. It is a bet that the decision opens the door towards the dream, hope or expectation they have.

The next hurdle towards that work you love is building the experience.

It means facing new challenges and questions every day. It means learning to feel the experience of doing the work. This learning requires to face the unknown. To get acquainted with tasks never done before. To settle in with not knowing what having done ones work well means.

Once the excitement of doing things for the first time slows down, it means to get the work done with less external validation and decide for oneself when it is a work well done. It also means to handle the failures and problems encountered once not knowing isn’t an excuse anymore.

It takes time to learn the work we do.

At the latest when people learned to do the work they do, they have to make a decision. They need to decide the posture they use to approach the work they do.

Loving the work we do also requires a posture. It’s the way we engage with the work we do. It’s the resilience to handle the work which feels more difficult or the elements which aren’t thrilling or even interesting. It comes from being able to see what is being created and being willing to handle all the details needed to create and do the work we love.

It also includes being curious about the work, being professional and stepping into the emotional labor that comes along.

That’s when it starts to be exciting. When there is a ratchet starting to add to it, making it better every day.

It takes time to love the work we do.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

You’ve got to love the work you do to love your work.

One essential: keep renewing it.


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